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HBAA Bylaws

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About HBAA

The Hispanic Bar Association of Austin ("HBAA") is an organization of Latino lawyers who volunteer their time and energy towards the betterment of the Hispanic community in central Texas. Its membership includes attorneys practicing in Austin and the surrounding areas, judges, legislators, lobbyists, government officials, law professors, law students and non-lawyers who join as associate members. The HBAA's goal is to foster and encourage the involvement of Austin's Latino lawyers in the local community. Active members of the HBAA feel a duty as Latino leaders to be involved in the issues that face our community and to volunteer their time for the betterment of the Hispanic community in general. Please visit the web pages on each of the specific committees to see more details on our organizations involvement in the community. The HBAA is an affiliate of the Mexican-American Bar Association of Texas and the Hispanic National Bar Association.

Monthly Meetings

The HBAA welcomes all members of the legal profession to join the HBAA and encourages the active involvement of all of its members in its committees.

Monthly meetings are open to all members and are held at 12:00 noon on the second Friday of each month at the offices of the Austin Bar Association, located at 816 Congress Ave., Ste. 700.

Mission Statement

To foster and encourage the involvement and interest of the Hispanic-American legal professional community in civic, professional, social, educational, charitable, governmental, and non-partisan political issues with a goal toward the betterment and enhancement of all members of the organization and the Austin area Hispanic community.

History of the HBAA and President List

HBAA has a long history of civic and volunteer engagement in Central Texas.  HBAA officially was formed as an organization in 1995.  Prior to that, the organization was known as Capital Area Mexican-American Lawyers (CAMAL).

HBAA is proud to recognize and honor each of its former presidents:

1988-1989   Richard Peña

1989-1990   Thomas Esparza

1990-1991   David Mendez

1991-1992   Robert Ramirez

1992-1993   Jesus Sifuentes

1993-1994   Lulu Flores

1994-1995   Hector Rodriguez

1995-1996   Ray Bonilla

1996-1997   Pat Escobedo

1997-1998   Michael D. Marin

1998-1999   Rudy Colmenero

1999-2000   Elizabeth Garcia

2000-2001   Raul Gonzalez

2001-2002   Russell Ramirez

2002-2003   Veronica Rivera

2003-2004   Amy Castañeda

2004-2005   Vanessa Gonzalez

2005-2006   Lino Mendiola

2006-2007   Gavin Villareal

2007-2008   Angelica Salinas Evans

2008-2009   Jana Ortega

2009-2010   Patrick Caballero

2010-2011   Alex Valdes

2011-2012   Jesse Butler

2012-2013   Manuel Escobar

2013-2014   Renee Castillo-De La Cruz

2014-2015   Keyla Martinez Robertson

If you notice any errors or omissions in our list, or have any other historical information about HBAA you would like us to include on this page, please email us