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HBAA 2022 Thanksgiving Project - Thank You!

Posted on November 22, 2022 by Manuel Escobar

The HBAA-SANC Annual Thanksgiving Day Project took place on Wednesday, November 16th at the South Austin  Neighborhood Center.   A total of 100 families participated and received HEB grocery gift cards for their Thanksgiving meals.   SANC staff and HBAA volunteers greeted families and distributed the cards along with bags of PPE supplies, fruit and information about the City of Austin's WIC program and backpacks for the kids.

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, HBAA, through its Foundation, was able to collect and fund over $8500 in gift cards and help families celebrate Thanksgiving.  We want to thank everyone for their support and especially thank the City of Austin South Austin Neighborhood Center staff for their work on one of HBAA's signature annual events.



2022 HBAA Thanksgiving Project Donors


The Webbers * Sean Hanko/Res Ipsa


Adrianne Waddell * Kevin Terrazas * Victoria Van Buren * Charlotte Herzele

Michael Brickman * Bill Whitehurst * Hendler Flores Law * Janis W Pinnelli

* Runkle Law Firm


Michael Brem * Fields Alexander * Richard Dodd * Eric Boucheron
* Rudy Colmenero

Garry Mauro * Suzanne Booth * Peter Kraus * Austin Tighe


Tina Jackson * Miguel Flores * Sylvia Jabour * Angela Beck
* Sarah Emily Goldgar

        Geronimo Rodriguez * Jan Fox * Joe Long * Sen. Sarah Eckhardt
* Lassospace/Foster Enterprises

Laura Goettsche * Harvey Kronberg * Hon. Gisela Triana * Stephen Demik
* Paul Tovar

Heather Bailey * Josefina Ibarra * Richard Pena * Hermelinda Zamarripa


Susana Carbajal * Belinda Flores * Stacey Ross * Sherine Thomas * Nora Comstock * Cristina Helmerichs

Robbie Ausley * Jose Vela III * Lora Spencer * Soll Sussman * Ave Bonar * Bradley Houston * Mary Godigna Collet