Community Engagement

For over 10 years HBAA has sponsored both Thanksgiving and Christmas projects that benefit the Austin community. At Thanksgiving, in conjunction with the South Austin Neighborhood Center, HBAA provides Thanksgiving meals--consisting of turkey and trimmings, to approximately 60 families selected by the Center based on financial need. During early December, HBAA hosts a Christmas pizza and cake party for 25-30 children nominated by a local service organization. Santa Claus then makes an appearance and gives each child a goodie bag and present purchased, from the child's wish list, by the child's "lawyer." HBAA members commit to purchasing a gift for one of the children and to attend the party to open the present with their designated child. It is common for the child's family to come with him to the event. Therefore, this is typically a very big event with HBAA members attending with their families as well.

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